Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not a Good Sign

It is 3:41 AM and I just woke up enraged about crap related to my job. I then played out a variety of scenarios in my head related to that about which I am enraged, felt paranoid that some colleagues are trying to use me for larger battles that I don't want to fight, then played out some more scenarios, all of which involved the redesign of certain of my courses to reduce my workload (not good pedagogy).

This is not healthy. This is, in fact, immensely fucked up.

Let's hope that all of this rage is ultimately misplaced. Let's hope that after writing this down and broadcasting it far and wide that I can go back to sleep.

(Note: the last time I woke up enraged in the middle of the night was during graduate school. That ended, quite literally, in tears.)

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