Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Am Such a Fool

Why did I think that I didn't need to finish the things on my to-do list last night? You know, the home-related tasks, the pre-date beautification? Why did I instead choose to socialize over the telephone? (Well, part of this is not my fault - had to talk to my mom upon her return from her first ever European trip, and had to talk to my friend A. during some pre-date jitteriness before her date with the fellow to whom we've been referring as her "accidental husband" - as in, if she doesn't watch out he's the sort who will just insert himself into her life and the next thing she knows she'll be married to him without really knowing how she got to that point - but there were some others - and you know who you are, ahem - to whom I did not technically "need" to speak but to whom I did speak and to whom it seemed great to speak at the time but now, at 8:31 AM? With all that I must achieve in the next 3 hours?) Yes, I am not happy.

So I need to:

  1. vaccuum
  2. straighten up a bit
  3. shave/self-tan (for my legs, they glow in their whiteness and cannot be out today unless I color them)
  4. polish toenails, as they really cannot go out into the world in their current state
  5. iron outfit (luckily I did try on outfits yesterday so at least I know what I'm wearing)
  6. things I'm sure I'm forgetting but that are not coming directly to mind.
You want to know what's sick? I feel like I want to call somebody on the phone instead of doing any of the above. Either that or to take a wee little nap, for which I do not have the time. Perhaps I should begin with the self-beautification, which will include the always somewhat motivating showering.

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