Friday, April 20, 2007

A Somewhat Typical Morning at Dr. Crazy's House

I am so tired. I mean, damn.

Part of this is because it's been a long week.

Part of this is because I had a work-related event last night that kept me out until 11:00-11:30.

Part of this is because I talked to my friend A. on the phone about her upcoming date (with a guy with whom I made out approximately 12 years ago at a Christmas party, while she made out with his cousin) as well as about Coffee Guy, as well as about other fellows who hang around in the background. But then my other line beeped.

And so part of my tiredness is because I did not exercise any kind of self-control about my bedtime last night because I was more interested in talking on the phone until 2 AM than I was in, I don't know, sleeping.

So flash forward to this morning.


[I know, thinks the Man-Kitty, I shall run across Mama at top speed, and if this does not awaken her from her slumber, I shall make as much noise as possible by running my little paw across the blinds and/or by knocking things down! Hurrah!]

Crazy (after a long while of the above, and also after hitting snooze four times): Fine!

[Crazy drags herself into the bathroom. Her hair does not look unlike this. She wonders what she possibly does in her sleep to make the crazy hair shapes that she sees in the mirror. But only for a second.]

Crazy: Ugh.

Man-Kitty: Yay! It is the morning! We are awake and happy and free! Feed me! Meow!!!!

Crazy: Dammit, M-K, if you want your breakfast you have to get out from under my feet!

[Crazy scowls and curses the fates that mean she must awaken. She then makes coffee, and feeds her companion, the Man-Kitty. Crazy removes the milk from the refridgerator. It has a sell-by date of April 17. She removes the cap.]

Crazy (muttering in a kind of a chant): Please don't be bad, please don't be bad, please don't be bad....

[Crazy puts her nose to the container of milk and it seems ok. Crazy pours herself a big mug of coffee, adds some questionable milk - for now she wonders whether it might be slightly off, now that she's started guzzling the coffee, though it's hard to know whether that's true or whether she's just psyched herself out. How Crazy is going to force herself out into the world within the next hour, she does not know. Wish her luck.]

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