Friday, April 13, 2007

The Life of a Kitty-Cat, It Is Hard

Good evening, readers of my human mother's blog. I was attempting to retire for my late-evening nap beneath the bed, which precedes the actual good night's sleep, but it was brought to my attention that it was not the time for sleeping but rather, the time to reveal myself, the Man-Kitty, to the blogosphere. You see, Sidonia, long ago, requested that I pontificate upon five things that the blogging readership does not know about me. I demurred. I am a Man-Kitty of Mystery. I did not think that it would be appropriate to reveal to the internet the private details of my life. (Unlike my human mother, I might note.) But this evening, my comrade in arms, The Chalupa, who was also tagged by Sidonia, complied with the request to reveal aspects of herself to which the readers of her human mother might not be privy. When I was alerted to this development, I realized that I could no longer keep my silence. The gauntlet had been thrown down. And so, in spite of my instincts toward privacy and reserve, I shall reveal five details about myself.

  1. I love the music of Ray Charles. I first learned that this was true when my human mother watched the movie Ray for the first time. The voice of Ray Charles, it speaks to me. I could not stop myself from meowing along with his glorious, glorious voice. I should also note that I do not appreciate the rap music, nor do I enjoy punk, but I do enjoy the music of Jack Johnson and Fiona Apple. I appreciate melody. Is that so wrong?
  2. My favorite thing to eat in the whole world is Meow Mix original flavor cat food. It is the nectar of the gods. Tragically, my mother only buys this for me once a year or so, as she fears that I will become an Obese Man-Kitty with Diabetes. I say damn the consequences! Feed me Meow Mix every day, for the love of Mike! As the advertisement says, it tastes so good that cats ask for it by name! Meow!
  3. You may be wondering about my hobbies. Well, it is true, I do sleep a great deal, for I am a housecat. But in spare moments, I most enjoy playing with all manners of strings and ribbons, as well as with any sort of stick-like implement, in the manner of jugglers with sticks. I also truly love a brown paper bag.
  4. In addition, I have a tragic history. My feline mother, she abandoned my brothers and sisters and myself, and left us to be rescued by humans and to be raised from infancy by them. I fear that she met a tragic end, and that this is what prevented her from raising us to viable kittenhood, at which time I would have become a feral cat of the wild. Instead, I was taken into the life of luxury that I now lead. But the story is more tragic than you know. In fact, one of my brothers, he died after just a year of life because of a horrible medical condition. I thank the Great Cat in the Sky each day that I am leading the life of privilege and luxury and good health that I live.
  5. Finally, I am a Cancer, astrologically. This means that, positively, I am emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, shrewd and cautious, and protective and sympathetic. My more negative traits include that I am changeable and moody, over-emotional and touchy, and clincing and unable to let go. Being a Cancer in a house with a Leo human mother is not always easy. That said, I do love that my human grandmother traditionally reads my human mother my horoscope when she calls on the phone. I feel that this demonstrates her esteem for my position within the family.
Now, really, I am very exhausted by all of this revelation. I must go to sleep. Really.



Seeking Solace said...

Thank you, Man Kitty, for letting us get to know you better. Sounds like you have a wonderful home!

Tom Paine said...

Sidonia, the Little Witch, got the meme from me.

Dance said...

The Man-Kitty is master of quite a big castle, there. Three stories?

I mention this only as someone who has as many pieces of cat furniture as she has rooms in her apartment.

Dr. Crazy said...

To Tom Paine:

Sidonia says, "You're so not the originator of the meme, I got it from Canada and you got it from Mandy!