Saturday, April 21, 2007

Damn you, Target

Ok, so I've been really good about not making trips to Target since the fall. I have what is pretty much a Target problem. When I go there, I spend money I should not spend. But spring has sprung, and in a fit of spring rejuvenation madness, I went to Target and spent a boatload of money on...

  • 2 decorative tension rods
  • new curtains
  • a new quilt to go with the new curtains
  • new towels
  • 2 CDs
  • 6 new t-shirts (various colors)
  • a new sports bra
  • 1 new going-out shirt
And I think that's all. But lord, it adds up, doesn't it?

Ok, now must call Coffee Guy and then must get to laundry and some cleaning up around the house and cleaning out my closet and putting up new curtains and making fresh new pretty bed that matches curtains, etc. Also am hungry, so should probably eat something. Tra la! It is spring! I spend money I don't need to spend!


kfluff said...

I KNOW that they pipe some kind of drug into the air at Target. I go in for cleaning supplies and contact lens solution, and I come out with clothes, a new tv stand, hair products...oh, and contact lens solution (notice that I've forgotten the cleaning supplies).

It's an illness, I tell you. But their accessories are super cute. And cheeeeep!

Sisyphus said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with a massive Target run once or twice in a semester. And new curtains are so nice to have.

That said, I went to Target and some factory outlet stores up at my parent's place over spring break and spent as much as my readership paid in one swoop.

Kate C. said...

I live in an area without a good Target, sadly. (There is one in Brooklyn, but it really is not a satisfying store). But when I go to my parents--where there is a SuperTarget--I seem to find a reason to go there every single day. Go Target!

History Geek said...

It's so easy to spend alot at target if you don't pay attenion!