Sunday, April 15, 2007


Crazy, she is drunk. She should not be blogging, but apparently, she feels the need to, even as she knows that it is bad to Blog Under the Influence. I went on a date tonight - the perfect date, probably the best date I've ever been on. Fabulous dinner, an excellent and smart and funny and serious and just SMART play, and then drinks (too many, clearly, though not so many that I did things I might do when having had really too many drinks). Oh no, I was sensible. And there was good conversation. But the point here is that it's nice to be taken out. It's nice to go on dates and to be shown a good time. And especially when it's in a subtle way, and when the "good time" involved actually involves things that one enjoys independently of any dating situation. Food, drama, drink? What's more awesome? Just what?

Very, very little is more awesome than that. That's what.

That said, what do I think about the guy? I don't know. I'll go out with him again, but is that about him or about the time I had? And really, would I rather go out with others who are less convenient? Totally. But you know what? The inconvenient ones are totally inconvenient. I've got to live my life whatever the case, and I will not pine for inconvenient potential loves. That, my friends, is just plain dumb. That said, I have a number of inconvenient potential loves whom I find more compelling (at this point) than this guy. This has nothing to do with him, but is the way of things.

That said, tonight was EXCELLENT. I am so glad that I've put myself back on the market for real.

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