Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday. Ugh.

So. Yesterday I spent the day in the sunshine (and I've got the slight sunburn across my cheeks to prove it - even though I did wear sunscreen so it doesn't hurt or anything and is not the true and hideous sunburn of irresponsible sun exposure), watching baseball, eating a hot dog (delicious), having an icecream cone, drinking beer, chatting.... A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Then, after the baseball game, dinner. Then, goodbye to Coffee Guy. And then talking with friends on the phone about my day and other things as well.

I'm a little hung over.

I'm a lot tired.

I really do not have the patience that will be required for my day today.

And I may need to come up with a new pseudonym for Coffee Guy, as clearly we've done more than have coffee (and get your minds out of the gutter - I do not mean that, I mean in terms of chaste 1950s-like activities). Must think on this.

But not now. Now I must drink as much coffee as is possible to do in the next hour.

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