Monday, April 02, 2007

Grouchy, Fussy, Altogether Cranky

Accomplished today:
  • Taught.
  • Some administrative tasks I'd been putting off.
  • Snapping at a student who deserved it (but I shouldn't have snapped, I know I shouldn't have snapped, and I know I'm going to pay for it on my evaluation from this student that I snapped).
  • MLA Special Session proposal (that is, I fear, not terribly good, but as I told people I'd submit it, yes, that's how I spent four hours today.)
  • Napped for *two hours* (when I'd only intended to "rest my eyes").
Still to accomplish:
  • Grade research paper proposals.
  • Grade a mountain of things for another class, including quizzes and papers I've had for a full two weeks.
  • Read 80 pages in a novel I begin teaching tomorrow.
  • Search around for the other copy of the play I'm teaching tomorrow that has more annotations in it.
  • Sob with rage and frustration. (Not really, but I would feel inclined to sob with the rage and frustration, if in fact I were the sort of person who sheds tears, which apparently I've stopped being even though I think a good cry would do me good.)
Did I mention that,to borrow my friend A.'s terminology, my "lady time" will arrive next week? PMS is for the birds.

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