Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fool's Errand

So I was to give a talk, for the oldsters in the community. I prepared (crappily), I drove, but it was a cold and blustery day. The oldsters, afraid of the cold and of being blown over by the winds, they did not show up. I was actually not terribly disappointed, though I do love talking to the oldsters.

That said, I did have a lot of time for contemplation while driving over the rolling hills of my current homestate. There was much singing at a wickedly loud volume in the car, and well, the fool's errand was good for Crazy's soul, even if it made her tired. What all was Crazy contemplating?

  • My mom's going to Europe for the first time ever tomorrow. Yay Crazy's Mom (even if she's a fool and is trying not to follow the liquids rules thinking that they'll just pass her through because she's Crazy's mom).
  • What will henceforth be known as Crazy's Fall Sex Class (CFSC), which has now capped its enrollment. Am more excited than I can say, not in the least because I've got a number of "frequent flyers" (or as I like to think of them, repeat offenders) who will be gracing me with their presences.
  • Thoughts about the "stuff" that is apparently being mailed to me from Merry Olde England. I realize that thinking about said "stuff" means that I am dooming myself to disappointed expectations, but as any mail from afar does excite me, I'm allowing myself to consider the fact that this particular mail is forthcoming. I might mention that this mail will be coming from my Infatuation (or Ex-Infatuation, who claims he is "crap," after I sent him a hilarious - although possibly belligerent - email about how he wasn't paying attention to me.... the point here is that I need constant and unabiding attention. Why is this so difficult? I don't require much, just consistency. Consistent and devoted attention. I mean, I am CRAZY after all. Is that so much to ask?)
  • Trans Am: He has a job that may mean he has access to my banking records ( I know he could look up my credit report, which I actually think he did). I was concerned for a second-and-a-half that he looked up my banking records, as he would know what transactions I make with my check card. Then I thought, you know what? If he's a weirdee who looks at my private info, he deserves what he gets.
  • Coffee Guy: called tonight to firm up plans, but I was on my fool's errand. I'll talk to him tomorow, I feel. I am excited about Saturday's plans, less because of Coffee Guy than the plans, at this point, but who knows what may happen between now and Saturday?
  • Mountain Man: We are fantastic friends, I think, except for the fact that I'm also friends with a... person... whom he knows, and with whom I am friends separately. He's not bothered to mention this person ever to me. I feel like things would be much less shady and weird should I actually have a conversation about this with Mountain Man. The problem is, MM seems to be fostering a denial thing about this. The thing is, I don't care that he "knows" this other person - it changes nothing with our friendship at all. And yet, there's been no way to bring it up. Although the "person" and I have been working to make it happen. Either Mountain Man is the most obtuse person in the world or he is an evil genius :)
  • I also thought a great deal about my hair. I have received many a compliment over the past two days, though I have the paranoid thing that people are mentioning it only because it's obvious and not because it's awesome. What if it's really horrible but they feel they must compliment because it's obvious?
So yes, those are the things I considered while driving all over the universe for a talk that was never to be.


StyleyGeek said...

I'm having the same response as you to compliments. I just bought a new jacket yesterday, and every time anyone comments on it I think, "They must have realised it looks new and so they think they have to compliment it, but really they are thinking: 'Pink corduroy? What was she SMOKING?'"

And you know deep down that we are both insane for thinking this way, right?

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Ooh, I hope you have fun with coffee guy, even if just for the plans and not so much the guy.

And that's really super creepy if TransAm looked up your credit report.

Juno Walker said...

Oldsters? I call them Q-Tips :)

Estrella said...

"Either Mountain Man is the most obtuse person in the world or he is an evil genius" ... Is it just me, or is this a reference to Descartes? :-)