Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Because I Know You All Care Terribly about My Hair

So, I got it cut yesterday. Also had color done (highlights and lowlights this time, because it was beginning to look too lame and all one color). The color is fine - I know I needed the lowlights, and it does look a lot better, but I feel like it's kind of boring. This also may be because it's a gray day today, and no color looks great on a gray day. And because the hair is now really close to my natural color and I feel like why did I spend the money I spent to look how I look naturally.

So the hair. I was not brave enough yet to go for the Evangelista. It's been a long time since I've had actual short hair, and I needed to pick something that was an in-between that I could easily grow out should I hate it. (And when I say actual short hair, I mean short short - not just different lengths of bob, which I always do.) So what I've ended up with is....

Hmmm, how to describe? Part of the difficulty is that I can wear it in three or four different ways to make it look like three or four completely different haircuts. (I LOVE my hair person. LOVE HER.) First a basic description:

  1. I got bangs (like the sexy rocker kind that hit below the eyebrow). In the process of training bangs to go in the direction that they are supposed to go.
  2. In the back, the hair is very layered and short.
  3. On the sides, the hair is about chin-length and very choppy/shaggy.
So, if I blow the hair dry and smoothe, I can make the hair look like a bob that is stacked in the back and more conservative.

If I don't do the conservative thing, but rather emphasize all of the shagginess, the haircut looks a great deal like Shane's hair on the L Word (only shorter).

If I put the sides behind the ears smoothish but wear the bangs, I look either like I've got the Demi Moore in Ghost hair or like a soccer mom (or maybe that haircut was always already a soccer mom haircut?).

If I mess the hair up, but also wear the hair behind the ears and push the bangs to the side, I've got Winona Ryder's hair from Reality Bites or Drew Barrymore's hair from when she was going out with that one guy in Hole, Eric Somethingorother.

So who the fuck knows about this hair, but I certainly have a lot of options. The question is, which of the above will be the way that I wear it most frequently? Also, how will I wear it on Saturday, when I am being taken to dinner and a play by Coffee Guy. (Maybe I should change Coffee Guy's name? I feel like I should, but I'm not sure what he should be called if not Coffee Guy. We shall see. He remains Coffee Guy until I'm more sure about what's going on with him.) Also, what should I wear on Saturday that will compliment both me and my hair? I have a lot to think about over the next few days. (And also have to think about the fact that I am giving a talk in approximately 36 hours to a community group and I've not written this talk. I am so screwed. I also don't know what I'll wear for that. Or how I'll wear my hair. Or how to get to where the talk is being held, as I may have lost the directions.)


jb said...

I have no suggestions for you, but I enjoyed reading about your hair, because I think about my hair a lot. I don't like my hair very much and I wish that I could shave my head. Used to have the short-short thing, back in college, but I had it pretty short over the summer and wasn't that into it, so I'm afraid of going back. Agh. Hair is so creepy--dead cells hanging off your head--I wish that mine were thicker, or darker, or lighter, or just generally MORE INTERESTING. Or that I would look good bald. But then my head would get awfully cold, wouldn't it?

Juno Walker said...

Well, I'd care more if you had actual pictures of the 'do'. For a guy, descriptions just don't cut it. Guys are visual. Maybe a side-shot or a shot from the back...?


Dr. Crazy said...

Oh Juno, you know I can't put pictures on this here pseudonymous blog. You could, however, email me and maybe, depending, I would feel inclined to reveal my visage to you.

reassignedtime at gmail dot com

Horace said...
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Horace said...

OK, so I just realized that my last comment revealed me to be a poor reader, but if you got an email of it, the compliment was genuine...

I've been grading too long.

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh Horace, I got the comment, and the compliment was taken in the spirit it was intended :) I understand grading too long (even as I am ignoring the grading that I should be doing).

CG is not a playwright, but he does actually enjoy theater, and we are going to a play that is at a small theater and that is contemporary, so these are points in his favor. Points against him include that his parent did not spring for braces, but I'm not yet so shallow that I won't give him a chance :)

Juno Walker said...

Well, I was only asking for a side-shot or something - not a 'frontal' :-P

I'll email you :)