Saturday, April 21, 2007

Woohoo!!!!! Going to Baseball Game!!!

Ok, so this Coffee Guy, he may be a man after my own heart. So we were supposed to go to the movies, a plan that was made like Monday or something ridiculous like that, and at first we were supposed to do so last night, but then I rescheduled for tomorrow because I didn't want to be lame tired on Friday Crazy, but now, instead of going to the movies, and in light of the spring-like weather, BASEBALL!!!!!!!!

(I love absolutely nothing more than a baseball game. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I mean, there will be the gorgeous sunshiney weather (1), hot dogs (2), cotton candy (3), and BASEBALL. Ok, really need to deal with closet and laundry now, as need to decide what to wear to the game tomorrow! Hurrah!)


Zelda said...

Don't forget a baseball cap and some sunscreen!

Virtually Actual said...

You know what's balls? The internet told me the Yankees would be on Fox, but since I'm in the midwest, the Yankees were not on Fox where I am. Instead there were some "Cardinals" or something. Whatever.

Dr. Crazy said...

Definitely won't forget the sun-screen, but I'm not really a baseball cap wearer. I mean, I have worn them, but I don't make a habit of wearing them and the only one I own is this stupid one that is from the college of arts and sciences at my university that they gave me when I got the job here (along with a keychain and some other odds and ends), and I couldn't really wear it in public.

To VA, I do feel it is my duty to mention that this blog is not terribly friendly to the Yankees as a team. While I realize that some people can't help the fact that they are Yankee fans, I also cannot support their Yankee-fan activities and needs. Go Sox!

(But being in the Midwest, I do feel your pain on getting dumb games to replace the games one really would rather see. Add that to the fact that often the games chosen are national league ones and i'm historically an american league girl, well, and yes, it is balls. I'm trying to come to terms with it all by reminding myself that I've not watched a game featuring the Tampa Bay Devil Rays since 2001, and so there are benefits to the whole thing.)

Virtually Actual said...

I dig, Dr. C. But, my Yankee love isn't ideological. I don't "root for the house" as a rule. I was sucked in in 1988. I was seven and Pops took me to my first game. It went 18 innings and the Yanks won in the bottom of the eighteenth when Claudell Washington hit a two-run homer to come from behind. Between '88 and '93 the Yankees were pretty dismal, and they didn't see the playoffs again until '96. My early fandom lived through seasons in which the Yanks finished 20 and more games back. But still, I am supposed to be rooting for the Empire, the House, for Mr. Bumble. In a way, the more dominant the Yankees become, the more tragic is my love of them. [Cue violins] Ah, well. Go Sox.

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh, VA, it's not your fault, and those early baseball loves do die hard (ahem, I still consider myself first and foremost a Cleveland Indians fan). While obviously I can never appreciate the love of the Yankees, I agree that your love of them is more tragic the more dominant that they become. At any rate, don't worry - I can accept a Yankee fan in my midst as long as that person knows that the love of the Yankees is basically evil :)