Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Car I Really Want to Date

Remember how I posted about which car would I date? Way back whenever? The honest truth is I would love to date this guy. Is that so wrong?


kfluff said...

Um, isn't that the car from Stephen King's "Christine""?!

Other than that, you date whatever car/boy you want to, Crazy!

Dr. Crazy said...

Actually, I wasn't thinking of Christine - I was thinking of the Steve Earle song "Someday," and these particular lines in particular:

I've got a 67 Chevy she's low and sleek and black
I'm gonna put her on that interstate and never look back

I don't know - I was a mess last night :)

phd me said...

In that case, you would love my brother. Unfortunately, he's happily married and the proud dad of Adorable Nephew - in a really hot car.