Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tired as All Get-Out

But no. Seriously.

Here was my day:

10AM - meeting with committee I'm chairing.
11-11:30AM - typed up summary of meeting with questions to consider and emailed it to the committee for electronic hashing out of details.
11:30AM - ordered books for next semester (the first time I think I've ever done it by the deadline)
12 Noon - scarfed down some lunch and typed up weekly note to online class.
12:30 - met with student about Service Obligation that Just Won't Go Away (that I never should have taken on) and then ran around trying to resolve something related to it only to have it fall back in my lap.
1 - checked mailbox to find a little note from Infamous Literary Executor. All is well.
1-3 - graded tests, signed up for online evaluation pilot thingie for one class, got some things together for night class.
3-4:30 - meeting
4:45-7 - taught while feeling as if might collapse. Ended the night with a poem about despair and wanting to kill self but knowing that one can't give in to such impulses.

Now am home. Am wondering whether it's possible to ever recover from this day. Am wondering how I shall manage to make it through to the conclusion of Project Runway. Am wondering how in God's name I will manage to be a dynamic teacher tomorrow. Alors.

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Good Enough Woman said...

What strikes me most about your list is the "weekly note to online class." I infer from that statement that you have a nicely organized online class. I teach an online class and have not, I doubt, reached that level of organization (I feel as if I'm always sending notes to my students--probing, encouraging, nagging). Granted I teach an online comp class, so they have a lot of writing and assignments to submit rather than sporadic tests, so perhaps that's part of the problem.

I would be interested, if ever you are so inclined, in your tips for streamlining (while maintaining or increasing the efficacy of) online teaching, which for me, is quite time intensive.

I enjoy your blog!