Sunday, October 12, 2008

And THIS is Why Getting in Shape is a Fool's Errand

Coming back from a restorative fitness walk in my neighborhood, I managed to stumble on the indoor/outdoor carpeting in the hallway of my apartment building and to, I think, slightly sprain my ankle. I immediately elevated it and iced it (or rather, frozen pea-ed it, for I had no ice) upon returning home, and took some advil, and what little swelling there seemed to be seems to be gone, it's not black and blue, and it's actually feeling much better. Perhaps I'm being a bit of a drama queen, with all of those facts laid out, but still. Who does that?

The visit with Mom and G. was splendid and exactly what I needed. And it's nice to have a spic and span house now that those crazies have gone, so their visit was an incontrovertible success, both in the sense of having a clean house and in having quality parental time.

ETA: I feel that the whole Sprain Scare might have been a bit of drama queen nonsense on my part. All is well. (I do believe.) Huzzah!

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Barbara said...

It may have been a bit drama queenie, but when you asked "who does that," I had to laugh because *I* do! I have done it several times, and have even broken my arm tripping in a parking lot! Glad the ankle's ok!