Friday, October 03, 2008

MUCH More Important Television Than Silly "Debates"

Tonight is the season premiere of Ghost Whisperer, my friends. Oh yes. It most certainly is.

I love it for so many reasons. Let me enumerate them for you here:

  1. It is both spooky enough to be scary sometimes (though I'm scared by most anything - I was a kid who had nightmares after watching Fantasy Island, if that gives you any indication), and cheesy enough to be like cotton candy for the brain.
  2. J-Lo Hewitt's amazing outfits (particularly her nightwear), false eyelashes, and outrageously large hair. Medusa (hellooo! you've not blogged in an age and I know you turned that Binder in!) and I used to wonder, what with the largeness of the hair if really J-Lo Hewitt only wears wigs and in fact suffers from Alopecia (a theory that was supported by the false eyelashes). I suppose we will never know until she decides to write a tell-all memoir.
  3. The spookiness and scariness causes a heightened sense of emotion, and this plus the formulaic happy ending wherein the ghost has settled it's outstanding business and then gets to communicate with loved ones and then walk into the light? Recipe for a weekly good cry, which is a total stress-reliever.
I am sad that Moonlight, perhaps the cheesiest show of last fall, was cancelled, for I did enjoy it as a nice dessert to the meal that is Ghost Whisperer. Alas, though, I shall survive.

In other news, I am doing very well with the workout routine, and with the healthy eating. This is the perfect project for this academic year, I think.

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