Friday, October 03, 2008

So Much to Do, Too Scattered to Do It

In fact, I've even been too scattered really to begin this post for about the past half-hour. I feel like writing, and I think it will help me to focus myself for the day, but I keep starting and deleting, starting and deleting. The problem, I think, is that I have a range of things that I need to do that all fall into different categories, and I feel sort of aimless about where to begin. Also, I am lazy, and I don't actually want to do anything. So, what follows will be a boring post about all of the shit that I need to accomplish over the course of today and the weekend.

I. Money Out, Money In (Crossing Fingers)
  • Find Checks.
  • Send Check re: final permission for book.
  • Write application for reimbursement for book permissions that I've paid out of pocket.
  • Go to Target and to Petsmart.
II. Teaching
  • Catch up on grading, including grading an exam for one class and grading various straggling things for the web course.
  • Catch up on emails with students.
  • Prep-related things for two classes.
  • Finally force myself to request letters of recommendation. This cannot be put off any longer.
  • Continue to work on materials. Consider whether to send materials and to update later if I get good news about anything, or whether to hold off on sending materials for a week or two in the hopes of getting good news.
  • Update website which is woefully out of date.
IV. The Homefront
  • Cooking, cooking, cooking.
  • Cleaning/straightening.
  • Laundry.
V. Self
  • Work out.
  • Mail a couple of cards.
Ok, writing all of that, it's not a completely unmanageable list. It is, however, as I noted, all over the place. So the issue is that I just need to organize myself and to figure out how to hit all of these all over the map bases.

Perhaps more later: I've been thinking a lot about my reactions to the debate last night, about how the pundits spin things, about debates in general in this age of real-time media/analysis, etc. I may or may not have something to say about these things. I'm also kind of dying to write about one of my classes, but I can't figure out how to do it in this forum. So. The short version is I think I've got some posts brewing, but I'm not sure when or whether they'll ever be ready to be written.

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canuck_grad said...

More evidence of you scatterdness: the empty post in my feed reader entitled "Up and At".