Friday, October 17, 2008

Time for a New Workout Playlist

As a present to myself when I started this whole fitness business, I bought myself a song from iTunes and made a playlist. Well, it's been two weeks since then, and I realized today I was bored with it. Progress continues, so a new playlist is the order of business, with a couple of new iTunes songs. Do you care what's on the playlist? Perhaps not. And yet, I shall post it here.

  1. Nancy, I Love You (some Arabic singer I don't know the name of - got the song off of a burned CD from a family member, and youtube does not offer this info)
  2. All Falls Down (Kanye West)
  3. Womanizer (Britney Spears)
  4. When You Were Mine (Prince, though what I've linked to is the Tegan and Sara cover)
  5. Fucking Boyfriend (The Bird and the Bee)
  6. The Prayer (Bloc Party)
  7. Boyz (M.I.A.)
  8. Dirt off Your Shoulder (Jay-Z)
  9. So What (Pink)
  10. Lazy Eye (Silversun Pickups)
  11. Gigantic (The Pixies)
  12. Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello and the Attractions)
  13. Nineteen (Tegan and Sara)
  14. American Girl (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
  15. You're No Rock'n'Roll Fun (Sleater Kinney)
  16. Finest Worksong (REM)
  17. London Bridge (Fergie)
1:04:20. And no, I don't typically work out for that long, because I hate working out, but that gives me room to skip a song or two when necessary. And I totally stand by the Britney(though that's perhaps because of the whole "You say I'm crazy. I got your crazy." line), the Pink, and the Fergie. Those are some catchy damned songs, and they've got a good beat. That's really all that matters to me in work-out music. Well, and that the songs are AWESOME. To me at any rate :)

So I should note that the Fitness Agenda is going very well. Totally feels like a lifestyle change. Have lost four pounds in two weeks. I've got miles to go before I sleep, but I'm not feeling like I'm "dieting" or something. And it feels good to make myself move with frequency. What is bizarre is that body-wise where the change happens first for me is around the knees and in the face. The middle? Well, Rome wasn't built in a day.

So that's the fitness update, complete with brand new playlist about which I am quite excited (though of course, there could be tweaking if necessary).


Good Enough Woman said...

I, too, have been working on fitness since I've been on sabbatical. I've been walking with a weighted vest. I think I've lost a pound or two, and I have much more energy when the children summon me at the crack of dawn (or before).

But I must admit your playlist beats mine: I've been trying to get through the entirety of Tom Jones, audio version, while I walk.

Bardiac said...

Way to go!

Kate said...

That's so funny, I've been LOVING "Fucking boyfriend" from The Bird and the Bee lately for workouts too!

elustaz said...

Have to chime in for the sake of bibliographic accuracy, especially since this is my professional area: the first track is properly entitled "Oul Tani Keda" ("Say That Again"), and the singer's name is Nancy Ajram.

Thank you for reminding me that I should be sifting through my ethnographic interviews instead of reading blogs all evening. :)

Shaykh Yerbouti

Dr. Crazy said...

Thanks for the comment, Shaykh! I never would have been able to figure out who it was without you!