Sunday, October 05, 2008

Feeling Fairly Chipper in Spite of Unceremonious Wake-Up Call from a Very Annoying Cat

Good morning, everyone. So yes, I am awake, and annoyed, because a certain Man-Kitty has decided that the best way to wake me up is to try to destroy books by scratching at the pages and biting them. This is totally new behavior, and I really want to kill him. Now, you might say that this indicates that I should not store so many books in and near my bed, but that's just crazy-talk. Sigh.

The other big exciting news is that the Parents of Crazy are going to come and see her next weekend! I think this will do me a world of good, although I know it shall be annoying as it's happening, at least at some moments. I think a lot of my problem over the past week or two has to do with feeling unsupported by anybody but myself, and well, parental visits can really help with that. I just feel like I want a good heart to heart with my mom, you know? Sure, we talk on the phone, but that's not the same as in person.

So today, I need to do a few more cooking things, but the main agenda item is to catch up with grading and to focus on school stuff. I am so not motivated to do those things, but alas, these things cannot be postponed longer, because I need to get all of this stuff done so that I won't have it on my plate when I have my first "real" stack of papers come in next week.

I think that's everything I have to report on this Sunday. Thanks for all of your nice comments lately, too, everybody. As FB put it last night, I am going through a "weird time" and while that doesn't give me a free pass to be a jerk, it does need to be taken into account. But so anyway, you all are great, my bloggy peeps.

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