Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sprained Ankle That Wasn't, Significant Relationships, and Other Musings

Well, first of all, the ankle is doing fine, in spite of my stupidity of earlier. No longer swollen, no longer pain, no longer anything other than a normal ankle. I still plan to take it slightly easy on it over the next few days (no need to tempt fate) but I no longer think that I've caused myself irreparable damage or some such.

In other news, I learned that my friend Jezebel, who's been in a fully functional relationship with a guy who does not suck for approximately 3 months now, is on the verge of moving in with the fully functional guy. J. is 3 years older than me, and let's just say that she's had a checkered romantic past. At any rate, this thing, barring any horrifying occurrences, does seem to be a lot like a good thing. As things now stand, they'll be on the engagement path in 6 months or so (per their calculations, not mine, and not hers and mine) and he's already converting to Catholicism for her, as that is one of her deal-breakers (I think in part -if not in whole - because she herself is a converted Catholic). Let me just say, I've never known her to be happier and more centered. This is all so awesome.

A. (in case you've been wondering about her) is doing well, and her for-real One True Love (OTL) (whom I truly love with a love that is pure and true) is fantabulous. Sure, apparently he's also stalking a deer through the wee hours this evening (it's a whole bow-hunting thing... in which the poor deer came out on the bad side of things), instead of being happily in A.'s bed, but everybody has their flaws.

Grad School BFF is very stressed out about work, but things are great with GSBFF's OTL, in spite of all of the stress, and that is awesome as well. Sure, there are things, but I'm entirely hopeful that the Things are easily resolved.

So what about Crazy and the Romance? You know that she is in the midst of a fake relationship so what gives? Well, nothing gives, actually. FB and I are fantabulous, although I have recently been a colossal asshole to him. He is very patient and loving. These are qualities in him that I really and truly admire, and of which I also take advantage, which makes me feel like an even bigger ass, but what'so great about him is that he doesn't think I'm an ass when I do. See, the FB may suck (and sometimes he does) but he does love me with a love that is pure and true. Even if he's a jerk-off who refuses to admit such mushy things. I still resent the fact that Mr. Stripey loves FB with a love that is pure and true. Damn, Mr. Stripey! He does not understand, in spite of my admonitions, that the Man-Kitty's antipathy to FB is, in fact, the appropriate response.

So that's what's up, my peeps. I have much to do tomorrow (grading), but other than that, all is well.


Belle said...

Be really careful with that ankle; they are tricky little beasts. I twigged one, it got okay fast, and it's been tricky ever since. It will suddenly swell on me and the docs say it's because I didn't take care of it initially, and that it will always be like this. From a non-serious non-sprain.

BTW, I did it when I was in my 30s, so...

Seeking Solace said...

Yes, do be careful. I have spared my right ankle five time in seven years, the most recent being this past spring. You whould do as much rehab to make it stonger as soon as you are able.