Friday, October 10, 2008

Cleaning, Parents, Etc.

So, the parents are coming to visit this weekend, and they should arrive here around 7-ish. I've been cleaning for the past few hours, and I've still got more cleaning to do. I do not want to clean, but indeed, I seem to have taken on a top-to-bottom cleaning project, so now I'm at that midway point where I can't stop because I've actually made more of a mess by starting to clean. Sigh. I would very much like to take a nap. This cannot happen.

But so yes, blogging will likely be light. It's not like I've really got anything about which to write anyway, so whatever. Ok, back to it. Sigh.

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GradGrrrl said...

Is their first time seeing their grandkitten, Mr. Stripey? :-) Hope you all have a great weekend!