Thursday, October 09, 2008

Scattered, Busy, Not Yet Dressed for Work

I feel like I have too many different balls in the air and so am sort of running all over the place but the major tasks that I need to do just continue to sit there. That's annoying. I want to be focused and accomplishing things. Says the girl who's having a very hard time getting motivated to get ready for work.

I just want to be through next week. That is the midway point, folks, and that means it's fall break. The psychological benefits of this are greater than the physical ones, but whatever. Because of how my classes are structured (well, how two of the four are structured) this means that it will be like starting fresh after the break, and I really need that boost.

Today will be yet another long day of meetings and of crap that stops me from doing the actual things on my to-do list. This is perhaps the reason why I am not terribly motivated to get myself dressed and ready.

But as I have less than an hour to do this before I need to teach, I'd better go do that. Just thought I'd check in since I've not written really. Oof. Just so tired. Just so lacking in the get-up-and-go department.

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