Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Water Bottle

So I mentioned that I bought a water bottle a while back, and that it took much deliberation to choose, so I thought I'd mention what I bought and give a wee review. I did not end up buying a Sigg bottle. A.) They were more expensive, B.) I'd have had to pay for shipping, and C.) I read the review about the "sports lid" and people seemed to think it was a pain. Oh, and then finally, I wanted something that wasn't a full liter but rather that was the size of a regular (i.e., a raping the earth size) water bottle. So I bought this. (18 oz. in orange sunset)

I've yet to receive the sports lid in the mail, but all in all, I may be in love. It is perfect. In all ways. And it is orange.

Water? Cold and decent-tasting. Weight? Light. Size? Easily hand-holdable in all scenarios. Yes, I fill it up multiple times in a day, but I'd rather have a smaller bottle and refill than a bigger bottle and have something more unweildy. It's the perfect size for lecturing in class, the perfect size for working out, and the perfect size to jam into my overstuffed bag.

So consider this an endorsement.


Anne said...

I love my Sigg, I must say, but shipping I did not pay.

An aluminum H20 bottle is a joy to drink from!!!


k8 said...

Pretty! I think I like the green moss and black eclipse best, though. I'm more of an earth tones sorta gal.

I do like that you are color-coordinating with the man-kitty!!!

life_of_a_fool said...

I am so taking your recommendation on this!

AAYOR said...

I love my Siggs, and they are very pretty, but you're right about the size. The liter bottles are kind of a pain to jam into a bag, and when full, kind of heavy, making it easier to spill it all over myself when I take a drink. (I don't have the sports top.)

Dr. Crazy said...

Of course I'm color-coordinating with the Man-Kitty! Though, truth be told, I sort of color-coordinating with my own color needs when I got him, for Crazy loves the orange, and has done for long before there was an M-K to coordinate with. (Don't tell Mr. Stripey - he thinks he's the most lovely and beautiful and that all things should be striped in multicolors as he is :) )

Aside: Sometimes when I look at Mr. Stripey's face I lament that I didn't name him Zorro as his real-life name, because of his mask-like markings around his eyes. He claims that he is not a Spanish cat, so it is all for the best, and yet... wouldn't Zorro be a great cat name? I feel it would.

The History Enthusiast said...

Does it do a good job of keeping your water cold? And I'm assuming condensation isn't a problem? If so, I may have to get myself one.

dhawhee said...

totally just bought one. thanks for the tip!

Dr. Crazy said...

Ok, now I'm feeling tons of pressure! What if you guys don't like the water bottle! You will think I'm a tool or something!

That said, some things:

1) condensation is not a problem that I have noticed, with normal-cool temperature drinks. I suppose it could be if you had something ice cold in there and then went out in the hot sun, but I don't actually know.

2) One thing that I actually like but others may not is that the lip of the bottle is fairly wide (big enough to fit an ice cube), which means that you can really throw the thing in the dishwasher and it really does get clean. No need for a special tool to wash the thing. This is the reason, however, that I bought the sports cap, because the wide mouth is less convenient for working out water needs. For teaching it's fine, though I do think the day is coming where I will spill it all over the place.

3) It does keep the water cold - like, water fountain water stayed a nice cool temperature throughout my 3 hour class last night. Not bad, I say.

Again, though, I'm now so worried that I have bad taste in water bottles and that you will all hate me! But then who has good taste in water bottles? I don't know. I'm a freak :)

OCU's TTFLC said...

Re: colors. Until the PTB come up with Mr Stripey kinds of options, we must cope. And while I am not an orange freak (which you obviously are) I think the orange is the color choice on this. Thus, mine (to be ordered and thanks to you) will also be orange.

Crazy, the Inspiration!

Belle said...

Rats. I wasn't logged in properly. ttflc is actually me, in another universe.

The History Enthusiast said...

Thanks for the info!

I think I will get once as soon as I get my next paycheck. I'm not usually into orange (the only orange thing I own is probably my copy of the Chicago Manual of Style), but that sunset orange is really pretty and bright, but in a subtle way, if that makes sense.

P. S. I've made those breakfast bars twice now and they are FABULOUS. The first batch was craisins, dried apricots, and almonds, while this most recent batch was craisins, raisins, and pecans. I substituted applesauce for the oil and used apple juice the first time and white grape juice the second time. You've turned me into an addict...I can't get enough of them!

dhawhee said...

meh, no pressure! I've been in the market for another kind of water bottle, and I like the looks of it, so that's most of the battle right there. I'm compulsive and only always blame myself if purchases don't work out.