Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apparently It Is a Day of Cooking

Right now, I'm making this.

My house smells so good that I might die before the soup is done. Seriously. I hope it tastes as good as it smells.

Edited to Add:
Oh. My. God. Am in Pea Soup Heaven. And that's even having changed the recipe to make it slightly less decadent (used nonfat half/half + whole wheat bread + lowfat sour cream). Again: Pea Soup Heaven.


What Now? said...

Sounds fabulous. So does the bacon actually go into the soup, or is it only used to flavor the croutons? (I can't imagine not eating bacon after I've smelled it cooking for 20 minutes, and actually I can't imagine Jamie Oliver's doing that either!)

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh, the bacon goes into the soup, my friend, right along with the croutons. The sweetness of the peas and the mint with the saltiness of the bacony-delicious croutons? UNBELIEVABLE) And I used center-cut (and thus less fatty) bacon and only half as much as the recipe called for (again with he making the recipe less decadent), and it was AMAZING.

Braeg Heneffe said...

Sounds amasing. So glad i've found this blog, going home to start cooking this right now