Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cranky. Fussy. Whatever You Want to Call It.

You know that the day is going to be a challenge when you:
  • Wake up with a splitting headache at 6 AM and you aren't hung over. (Note: I rarely get headaches, but when I do I wake up with them. I think it's related to the sinuses.)
  • Feed the kitties and take some advil, thinking, "Oh, I shall go back to bed for an hour." Except you turned off the alarm when you awakened at 6 AM. And so that means that you will, even though you technically woke up "early" will also manage to wake up "late" this morning. Happily, though, your head didn't hurt when you woke up at 7:40 AM. This is good because you had to rush around like a freak in order to be ready in time.
  • Still have a broken dishwasher (or a clogged one, or something) even though you called yesterday about having them come fix it. This means also that you had to put the kitties in home repair jail, on the off chance that they come to fix it when you're not home.
  • Have yet to figure out why you initiated a dramatic and ultimately teary Talk with FB last night (or, if you're honest, you maybe think you did this because you wanted attention, but if that's the only thing that made that conversation happen - your need for drama and attention - then really you're pathetic and stupid, and so you're not going to be honest but instead will pretend to yourself and others that you don't really know what your motivation was).
  • Feel like you might be coming down with some sort of cold or something, but then wonder whether you just want to be sick so that you can feel sorry for yourself and so that others will feel sorry for you. This, as was the previous bullet, is pathetic.
In other words, today is the sort of day that I would have periodically in high school where I'd wake up and end up in a screaming and crying fight with my mom within like 10 minutes of waking, and she would decide that I needed a "mental health day" and make me stay home from school. And, were it not for the fact that I have things happening in my classes that I don't want to/can't postpone, I probably should have made myself stay home today, except I'm no good at making myself stay home and really do need other people to make me take care of myself in that way if there's nothing physically wrong with me. So I am cranky, and I am fussy, and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, twice, and I am not feeling pleased with anything, and I kind of feel like bursting into tears, and I wish somebody were around to indulge my current need to be coddled and felt sorry for.

I may be dedicated enough to teach this morning, but I am totally cancelling my office hours. Today is just not a day where I can hang. Not at all.

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Susan said...

Oh, your mother did the mental health day thing too! I would just be bored, and my mother would send in excuses that said "Susan had the vapors". And no one ever said anything.

Glad that at least you can cancel office hours!