Monday, September 22, 2008

A Boring Monday Morning Sort of Post

So I'm sitting here at the dining room table, having glanced at my email, at blogs, at an IHE article about gender in the academy that I didn't really read because it was long and I'd just woken up....

In other words, I am getting off to a slow start on this Monday.

The problem, at least in part, is that I have two sets of things I need to do today, and I'm not entirely certain which to do first. The first set of things is work-related:
  • Read draft for mtg. with BES tomorrow.
  • Put up ppt on editing for web course.
  • Grade assignment for web course and send the class an email about this week's goings on.
  • Talk to those in charge about getting out of a service commitment.
  • JWIBSNA letter (which I totally ignored this weekend).
  • Email people requests for LoRs.
But then the second set of things is house-related, and it primarily involves doing around-the-house things that didn't really get completed over the weekend. Now, one might argue that I should do the around-the-house things first, but then will I really be motivated to go into the office? Though actually, looking over my list of things to do, I don't necessarily have to go into the office to accomplish all of the school/work things....

But or I could do the school/work things first and then come home and do house-related things. I just don't have faith I'd actually *do* the house related things if I put them off until afternoon. Sigh.

You know, I wish that scientists would get to work on training house cats to do chores. I know that my little men are smart enough and that they could really do some things if they felt like it. The problem is, they seem to have a very strong sense of entitlement which precludes them assisting me in any way. Brats. That said, they are very cute, which may make up for their slackitude.

Here's a picture of Mr. Stripey in he Kitten Tent that he and his brother share:

And here's a picture of them entering the kitten tent from different entryways, which typically leads to one of them leaping through and tackling the other.

And then, when that's done, and they've knocked the kitten tent over, it's time for some licking of each others' faces.

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k8 said...

Is that a boogie mat I see in front of the kitty tent? My cat always loved hers, even when she was elderly and past playing.