Monday, September 01, 2008

The Semesters May Change, But Some Things Stay the Same

So I had all of these awesome plans for the weekend. Like to get a lot done and stuff. And then I thought, oh, I don't need to work on Friday. Saturday's the day. So then Saturday I did some stuff for my web-based course, and then it was like 1 PM and well, clearly that was enough for Saturday. And then it was Sunday, and though I finished that reader's report, a hurricane was coming, and I do love me some hurricane coverage with that Anderson Cooper. And I thought: Monday. Monday will definitely be the day.

I did go and get kitty food and litter, and I did go to the grocery store. And I did send a stern email to the web-based course, for a number of them are already behind. Indeed, for those who might consider taking a web-based course sometime, there are deadlines, and you can be behind after the first week. The deal is not that you just work independently at your leisure and then turn some shit in at the end for a grade. At least not when Dr. Crazy is at the helm.

All of that was exhausting. And I really needed to take a nap. And then I had to spend a HUGE amount of time comparing water bottles on Amazon (I've got an Amazon visa and so had 25 bucks to spend), for I don't want to rape the earth with buying disposable bottles of water at the store. Also, in addition to raping the earth, doing so is much more expensive than buying a nice water bottle. But the Sigg bottles seemed less handy in terms of their shape, and the whole lid thing because I want to take the bottle for working out, too, but the colors were pretty, and I needed something dishwasher safe because lord knows I'm not going to wash things by hand (you should see my sink currently - for the dishwasher is filled with clean dishes that I've yet to put away, because I am a filthy, filthy girl) - and then I needed to read some reviews....

But now, here we are, at nearly 8 PM, and I did not clean my house, and I did not prep for my one class tomorrow, and did I mention that my house is a pigsty?

And isn't this something I do typically during the academic year, where I just check out on the weekend and don't do the things on my list of things to do? Indeed, it is a thing that I typically do.

I am choosing to forgive myself, as it seems I always end up just fine at the end of the day, even with my slatternly ways. Of course they do.


phd me said...

Oh, how I can relate. I think there's a little Scarlet O'Hara in us, with our belief that tomorrow will bring that urge to Get Things Done.

Maude Lebowski said...

i love my sigg bottle by the way. the best investment i've made. all the lids are interchangeable, so you can buy the sport lid for working out (i take mine to the gym), and i have the liter sized one or whatever the biggest one is, and it fits just fine in my purse. i lurve it because my water tastes so fresh in it. you can tell a difference once you get it out of the plastic bottle. also, the only washing i've ever done to mine (i keep only water in it) is to wash the lid and the mouth of it. as far as washing the inside, there's really no reason because i go through water like underwear, and since it's just water, it never really gets dirty on the inside.

Earnest English said...

Dr. Crazy, this is pretty much the story of my weekend when I was going to get organized and ahead and everything. You know, because THIS is going to be the semester I don't do everything at the last minute. (And one would think that with the impending baby I might have a teeny bit more motivation, but. . .no.) Thanks for reminding me that there are highly successful people out there who are better at making those plans than keeping them. =)

Kjerstin said...

After I don't know how many years of trying, I've finally realised that the working-during-weekends thing is just never going to happen. I'm just not mentally capable of getting into working mode during weekends. So I pretty much stopped nursing the illuson that if I bring work home on Friday, it will be done by Monday morning. I've also discovered that work-free weekends should be no problem if I just work steadily and diligently during the week. This is the part that I'm currently struggling with.