Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fitness, Blah

So, as you may recall, this year all of my resolutions centered around three things: fitness, finances, and fun. I've done well with the finances and the fitness. I'm making steady progress on paying off debt, and fun has certainly been a priority (though of course one could always have more fun, but basically I feel like I'm not in some sort of fun deficiency anymore).

The fitness thing though.... let's just say I've kind of fallen apart on those goals. I feel like a fatso who doesn't take care of herself. That sucks. I can blame lots of things for this.... but the reality is that this is the first thing to go when I'm in work-hard-play-hard mode. Oh, and also I really like food and drink. This does not combine well with my lack of interest in exercise and my great interest in lying around and doing nothing.

I know, I know: you have to find exercise you enjoy! The more you do it, you become addicted to it! Fuck that. I feel like the people who say that are also the people who insist that not eating meat is no big deal and easy to do. In other words: these are the people who have a natural propensity to these things, and they are not my people. My people are the kind of have a natural propensity to lying around on their asses while eating nachos with all the fixings.

The problem is, my people end up being fat-asses with health problems, whose clothes don't fit properly, and I don't want to be one of those people.

And so, I have three months and a bit until 2008 is over. The book is done. The Tenure Binder is done. And for a while I've been wondering what my "next project" is with the completion of those things, and I have decided that the "next project" is Operation Fitness. It has to be done. And no, I don't like the idea of it really, but I also know that if I apply myself to this project with the same intensity that I apply myself to those other sorts of things that I will see results. I am hoping that with results will come greater ambition to continue on the path of fitness, instead of what typically happens with me, which is when I see results I take that as a sign that I can stop doing the fitness-related activities. Yes, I realize that my typical response is counter-intuitive. I am not totally without self-awareness. So it's a matter of really committing (and oh, how that is difficult for me to do) to this project and of keeping my natural impulses at bay until the fitness crap becomes second-nature, or at least a habit.


AAYOR said...

So, what have you decided to do? Are you going to go to the gym? Run? Walk? Bike? INSPIRE ME! I NEED IT!

Bardiac said...

I find that I like biking well enough to do it pretty regularly, but it's the first exercise I've really EVER felt that way about. And I think it has a lot to do with being outside, getting the sense of freedom back from when I was a kid riding around, WAY more than exercising for exercising's sake. It also helps tons that I have friends to bike with at different times/speeds, etc.

Congrats on the finances and fun success! Two out of three!

Lesboprof said...

I AM YOUR PEOPLE! Actually, I read your post aloud to the gf, and we both laughed loudly at the recognition.

I wish you good luck on your goals. We hope to do the same... or we hope the gnomes will somehow come and make us work out while we sleep. Sigh.

Sisyphus said...

Ooh, I am home!

Seriously, I'm trying this "cardio" stuff, and people keep telling me how much they looove cardio, and I'm realizing this means they love the feeling of panting and sweating and having an elevated heart rate. I hate all of those. I can like yoga if we make sure that none of those things happen during a session.

All those weird people who like moving and doing things1?!?1 Bah! I like sitting around and eating things --- as Homer Simpson says, *clap, clap* Bring me my ranch dressing hose!

MommyProf said...

I'm trying that too...I have made it three weeks, mostly because there is a TV show I really like that I only watch on the elliptical.

Anonymous said...

This is why I like using forms of transportation that force me to exercise. I have to walk to the bus stop and back again. on other days, I bike to get where I'm going. if I have to use my body to get somewhere, I will exercise. otherwise, not so much.

phd me said...

I am right there with you. I do not enjoy exercising and I find people who do rather annoying. What is there to "enjoy" about it, exactly?

So, yeah, I'm sitting on the sofa with you, trying to figure out how I can find something exercise-like that doesn't invoke my involuntary gag reflex. So far, Anastasia's idea is one of the few things that works for me. If I can accomplish something else by being active - like getting from campus to my house at the end of the day - then I'll do it. Otherwise, I'd rather not.

Good luck! You've done so well with your other goals; I'm sure you'll figure something out for this one - and I can't wait to read about it.

Fian said...

Ha! I feel so less alone now! I am one of your people ... sittin' on the couch, munchin' on good foods with all the fixin's. Ahem. I decided to try a healthier lifestyle to avoid, well, an early death (that's kind of a motivator for me these days), and I am STRUGGLING. So I'm going to fake it 'til I make it. I figure, if I can FAKE being healthy, eventually my body will WANT to be healthy, and then - (fanfare) - no more struggle! Wanna place bets on how well this is going to work?! LOL Good luck with your goal!