Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RBOC: Stupid Early Rising Cats Edition

  • Actually, it's not their fault. It's my fault. I stirred into wakefulness for a brief moment and they took that as a strong indicator of the following: "It is morning! Yippee! Breakfast! Come on! Aren't you excited!"
  • In other word, note to self and to cats: 4:30 AM is not a reasonable time to awaken, even if one went to bed early-ish.
  • Other than going to bed early-ish, I also last night made a second version of the syllabus that I'll teach for the fist time in the Spring. Oh yeah, that needed to be done. However, I think I'll use the second version, because I like the reader I did that syllabus with better, even though it doesn't have some of what I'd be into teaching.
  • I have so. much. work. to. do. It's really not cool.
  • Coffee is really nice.
  • You know what else is nice? That FB. Not because of anything in particular, really. Actually, it's mainly that I'm feeling totally appreciative of the fact that he doesn't make me feel suffocated and smothered. Now, let's note that he'd have to be one giant asshole to do that from a gajillion miles away, but I am feeling appreciative of this nonetheless, and so I thought I'd give him some props. Really this appreciation, though, is because I feel awful for a friend of mine who's feeling suffocated and smothered in her non-fake relationship. Man, doesn't it suck feeling that way?
  • I feel like I need to buy some new pillows. I keep waking up with stupid neck and shoulder pain.
  • I know it would be advantageous for me to use this morning time for work, and then take a nap in a few hours. The problem is that I am utterly lacking in motivation. Utterly. Lacking.

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Robert said...

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