Saturday, September 06, 2008

Laundry and Other Items

Today I have done laundry. A month's worth of laundry. It is still not folded. I must fold it (as well as put sheets on the bed) before bedtime or all will be lost.

Yep, that's pretty much it for today's household activities, much to the dismay of all of the beings that live here. The "to-do" list for around-the-house chores is really much larger.

In other news, I need to:
  1. Catch up with more people via phone (I'm tragically behind in my phone-talking, even after spending hours on the phone today while performing laundry duties.)
  2. Work on my job letter for The Job for Which I'd Be Stupid Not to Apply (henceforth known as JWIBSNA), even though doing so is the last thing I really feel like doing.
  3. Update my CV (for JWIBSNA, though as well as for my tenure binder).
  4. Work on tenure statements (though these are mostly done, and I won't be doing these this weekend even though it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to be doing that this weekend).
  5. Work on "suggestions" for FB's job letter for the Job at Crazy's Institution (JCI), for which he keeps hounding me. As I indicated to him, I am not his slave, and he will have to wait while I take my own sweet time with this project. There was then a discussion of "the muse" needing to visit me, and then I rejected the premise that I need the muse for such mundane bureaucratic tasks.... Yeah. Anyway.
  6. Teaching Crap.
  7. Did I mention I need to fold laundry?
As you can see, it's a wild and wacky Saturday at the House of Crazy.

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Lesboprof said...

I am doing laundry, also. And I put clean sheets on the bed a couple days ago, which was HEAVENLY!! (new high thread count...what a treat!)

Hope all goes well with you.