Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Which I Retract My Frustrated Posts of Last Week

I think that the web course is back on track. I'm thinking that the level of frustration I experienced had a lot to do with the way time works in the web course. If one hits a bump in the road, it takes longer to realize it and then longer to get everybody back on track. Or it seems like it does. But ultimately, everything I did this week totally worked! (And a number of people dropped, which totally helped.) But so far so good. I no longer think that I'm going to fail everyone, and from what I gather, the students who remain are really enjoying the course. Who knew?

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I think you hit one of the major problems with teaching on-line... it is hard to tell when the students are enjoying / really getting the course. We are used to seeing non-verbal reactions and assessing understanding in real-time during discussions, so it is hard to intuit what they are really thinking.