Friday, September 05, 2008

Seriously? Seriously.

I just got my proposed schedule for Spring. Apparently I have been assigned a new prep, which I had not at all anticipated. On the one hand, this is a good course to have in my repertoire. And it's one I have previously expressed interest in teaching. On the other, a new prep? Really?

And since when did one of my specializations become theory? Because apparently, this is one of my specializations now. And can I just say: I'm not so fancy with the theory at all, and I kind of feel like it's weird that I'm now this "theory person" when in truth I see myself as more of a sort of traditional, practical literary critic than a "theoretical thinker" or some such. I suppose in these cases context is all.

Perhaps I will stay home on this gloomy Friday, forgo that reception, and begin designing a course that I will not teach for months. That's always an effective use of time.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Your spring schedule is out so much later than ours -- we've already finished the final draft of next spring and are about to do Fall 09...

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, to be fair, we typically know a general version of our schedule 2 years out. This is only the official rendering of the schedule, and nothing was a surprise but this one class, and this surprise only happened because a colleague of mine who used to teach it took on an administrative post.

But also, the person who does the schedule is about a week late as far as I can tell :)