Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let There Be Light! Let There Be a Celebratory Glass of Wine!

The power has (knock wood that nothing goes awry) returned! Hurrah Power Company!

First, some things I discovered during my dark 3 days of the soul (and body):
  • Reading with a flashlight - or with a sad little booklight - gives you a headache. It also can cause some neck/shoulder pain, until you find the "system" - which of course you will only discover just before power returns.
  • Kitty cats enjoy it when it's dark and quiet all the time and when the windows are open and lots of people are out and about to observe.
  • Eating meals out solo is actually really enjoyable. Though also it can make one feel lonesome when restaurants are packed with families and couples. But servers are super-nice and attentive, and one does feel strangely liberated by the whole exercise.
  • It's also nice when lots of people have their power out because you know everyone is inadequately showered, if showered at all, and so it makes you worry less about your state of showeredness. This must be how hippie-type people feel all the time, or at the very least how they feel when they go to music festivals or similar.
  • I have a real problem with being all philosophical in situations like power outages, i.e., I do not feel that the power outage was a "blessing" that taught me to appreciate electric power, in fact causing my joy when the power returned. Dude, I appreciate electric power all the time, and when I don't have it, I'm just pissed off. I am not better than that, nor do I think that it's essential for me to be better than that.
  • There is little more awesome than hearing a stream of hoots and cheers coming from throughout one's apartment complex when power returns. Yes, Crazy's "woohoo!" was among the first of these.
Perhaps more later, but I thought I'd report that once again, Crazy and her lovely kittens have the joys of light in the nighttime.

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