Sunday, August 03, 2008

RBOC: Really Home

  • I am actually in my own home! With my bed! And my things! Huzzah!
  • I got the email with the copy for the cover of the book, including a quote from one of my favorite mentor-fancy-people ever (which I'm too much of a freak to have read yet, as reading glowing things about my work actually really freaks me out). I feel so.... I don't even know how to describe it. I can't believe that it's really in the final stages, to the extent that there's copy for the front and back of the thing. And I feel so... just wow... that the mentor-fancy-person wrote something to go on the book.
  • I'm exhausted, but I need to do some tasks around the house, because in less than 24 hours (I think?) I shall have a person who is neither me nor my cats in the house. This is one reason why blogging shall be light.
  • Another reason why blogging shall be light in the next few days is that I've got to get myself set up on Facebook (finally) in order to keep in touch with my cousins in Lebanon. I have resisted so long.... Haven't yet decided how Facebook-y I shall become, and what I will do about students. Whatever. I shall figure it out.
  • Dude, I'm tired. I can't believe I just got home and I've got somebody coming to visit nearly immediately.
  • And I've got a number of phone calls to return.
  • Am sad that BFF has moved away. But yay for BFF!
  • I wish I had cleaned out my fridge before I left. I suck.
  • I wish that I didn't have to unpack immediately.
  • Dude, did I mention that I'm tired and lazy feeling?
  • Enough. Will make a list of things to do.

But I know you'd like another picture or two from the travels. So here you go!

Ok, so I love this sign. It is from the row of shops right by the Cedars of Lebanon. You'd like to see a picture of the cedars, you say? This I can do!

More later, if there's time!

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StyleyGeek said...

On Facebook under privacy settings, you can make your page/updates/etc only visible to faculty from your university, or only visible to postgrads, or only for undergrads, or any combination of the three. Or you can make it totally private so that only people you have "friended" can see it.

One of those settings should keep you safe from prying undergrad eyes :)