Monday, August 04, 2008

Interloper, Interrupted

Well, the Interloper (aka FB) has gone to Nearby Town because his mom is in the hospital, and so all is quiet (much to the Man-Kitty's delight) at the House of Crazy. Think good thoughts for FM (Fake Mom, though I suppose she's a real mom, but not my mom, and thus fake, and also, if he's going to be Fake Boyfriend, then his mother must be Fake Mom) or say prayers or whatever. She's ok, but has had some issues in the past months, and apparently just in time for the travels of FB, the issues have once again reared their ugly head. So at any rate, the Interloper was here for but 18 or so hours, and then he had to away to FM. Incidentally, I've met FM, and I totally love her and we were fast friends when we met, so I am not being a jerk in calling her FM, but rather, she's getting a special title because she is fantastic. In fact, I suppose that her pseudonym could be Fantastic Mom, even if she did spoil her son rotten and ruin him for the wider world :

Today I managed to accomplish a great many tasks, even with FB in the house. I went to the post office and gathered my mail and had service resumed, went to the grocery store (although I still need to go once more to fully finish grocery shopping), went to campus and checked mail there (can't legitimately inquire about that journal article I sent out until September), and paid bills. I also had a few phone conversations.

First, let me finish with FB news. So the plan is that he will be coming back to me, though the timing of this is not certain. In truth, I'm not even sure of the timing of his return ticket. I suspect that I'll be seeing him in a few days, most likely, though that isn't necessarily grounded in any fact. In other news, it was revealed to me last night that there is a slim possibility of him relocating to my location. Like exactly my location. Note the italics on the slim. Seriously, I'd never thought that such a thing would ever be on the table, as I never thought that FB would consider this particular move (moving closer to me yes, moving to me -exactly- no way). I'm not entirely sure what this all means related to Me Me Me, but I do kind of feel like the fact that even the slim possibility exists, given the oddities of academic job searching, is... well.... ok, well, it's random, and strange, and yet weirdly (even if nothing comes of it) significant? This is probably me being a dufus. Whatever. The point is, there is a weird possibility on the table that I'd not imagined would ever be a possibility. The one anxiety-reducing factor is that I'm sure that either FB or I will totally manage to fuck up our fake relationship :) I know, that would seem to be a bad thing, but I feel that in the realm of him and me, that this is actually a positive :)

In other news, I have so much work to do that I could cry. Final tweaking for a few pages of the book, syllabi, etc. I shall worry about this on the morrow.

So that's the update from the Interloperless House of Crazy. Note: the Man-Kitty went right back to normal as soon as the Interloper left the building. This antipathy is a serious problem, and yet, what can Crazy do? The two will have to work it out for themselves.


k8 said...

In the Man-Kitty's defense, he just got you back and he just got home. Then he had to share you!

I hope FM is ok!

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Chez PG, the green guy has staked out his territory which seems to include about a 2-foot zone around his cage. He comes on the ledge of his cage and "scolds" people who invade his space. Well, mostly just 402. The other day, 402 got up early and put a book on the floor by there and GG started to creep out of his cage. 402 moved it quickly to avoid the scolding which might have woken me up.

Nothing like protective pets :)