Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There was crying and complaining and rambling and yelling and all the usual things that go with the deal when I have one of these... well, I suppose one could call it a tantrum. It's a lot like a tantrum. Except only jerks throw tantrums, and I'm not a jerk.

FB bore the brunt of this particular episode, but he seems to think that I have a pattern. The metaphor he used was related to having good skin, quite a lovely and clear complexion - emotionally, that is, although I do have this in my real life as well - but that every few months or so I get a horrible and disgusting zit that ultimately will, and this is so disgusting, pop. Remember, this is my emotions we're discussing here. So, sure, this image is totally horrifying, because apparently I'm an emotional puss-filled zit that needs to pop, but as FB notes, some people are emotional rash-havers who always have fucked up splotches that itch all over them and they never can get it to clear up, so at least I don't have that. I will say this disgusting metaphor did distract me from my wailing and it kind of is true that I do have these periodic freak-outs and that it's not unlike what he describes, I suppose, how I need to just totally melt down periodically. FB understands me so well. And he really listened quite patiently while I raved like a maniac.

What's sick is that I still kind of feel like crying. I hate the transition from summer back into the academic year. It really fucks me up.


AAYOR said...

First, I'm sorry that you had a meltdown and I sincerely hope that you are feeling much. better. now.

Second, eww gross. How about these metaphors instead?
--pressure cooker

Pressure cookers "stew" and over time the pressure builds. And even if things look perfectly fine from the outside, if that valve isn't working, the damn thing just explodes all over the place.

Teapots heat up fast and spout off often.

Microwaves are able to shut it off and turn it on a little more gradually, a little more even all around.

I'm a teapot. I try not to be, but I am. ;-)

Artichoke Heart said...

OMG, I hate the transition too! I worked at a group home for autistic children one summer, and apparently transitioning is difficult/traumatic and has to be negotiated carefully. I am not a good transitioner. I think I display autistic symptoms in this regard. Currently? Am in a state of deep, deep denial, particularly as am coming off sabbatical! Probably by around this weekend? I am going to Freak. The fuck. Out. Sending emotional Neutrogena Deep Pore Cleanser your way! :)