Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ok, Finally Getting Around to This

Ok, so Caro and Medusa and Maude (and if there's anybody else who named me, I missed you and I suck and I'm sorry!) nominated me for this, and thanks!

I feel like everybody who I'd nominate has already been nominated (example: I'd nominate the three ladies above, had they not nominated me first), so I'm going to be lame and not list off people. You know, people have nominated me for such bloggy awards before (The Rockin' Girl blogger, and some other one, if I recall) and I never managed to note it here, because these things always seem to come around either when I'm out of town or when I'm just too swamped to respond. So if you've ever nominated me for something, thanks! And if you ever want to again, well, you don't have to, because I'm ungracious and I never am on the ball with the thanks related to these things. Which makes me neither brilliant nor rockin' nor anything else other than sort of lame :)

Oh, and if there are any newbies out there who aren't in my blogroll and would like to be, or if you're there but the address has changed and I've never fixed it, or if you used to blog but your blog is now defunct, or if you read but haven't commented before and would like to say hi, or what have you, feel free to leave a comment, as now is as good a time as any for such things :)


comebacknikki said...

starfish & coffee is no more! My blog is now at

El said...

I'm not certain that I've ever commented but I've been reading your blog for, gosh, about six months now. Since mid-January I think.

That's kinda creepy now that I think about it. Sorry. I'm El! I'm between undergrad and grad school right now. I started reading your blog because I'm considering a career in academia and you always have such informative and interesting posts.