Monday, August 11, 2008

Having Bored Myself into Motivation....

I fully intend that today will be a day chock full of productivity. This is my aim. As a way of getting myself out of the house immediately, I do believe that I shall purchase myself some Starbucks coffee on the way, and then it's off to the office I go. The main plans for today are the following:

  1. Final syllabus for copying to send to copy center. And I also sent some assignments there as well! I'm very fancy!
  2. Schedule library day for one class.
  3. Finally decide on books for online class.
  4. Send about 10 people emails of varying lengths and levels of importance. Ok, well, so I didn't finish with all of my emailing, but I did send a number of emails. I should be able to be really and truly done by the end of the week at the absolute latest with the emailing.
  5. Odds and Ends with the book.
  6. Clean shelves in office and organize office desk.
  7. The gym.
Now, that's one heck of a list, and I do acknowledge that. But, if I follow my typical rule of feeling good if I get around 60% of a to-do list done, that means that doing 4 or 5 of these things will put me in really good shape. Yes, that is the way to look at this. Totally.

More when I've finished with the Busy Day of Productivity!

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