Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slick Willy Is My Boyfriend

Say what you want about Bill Clinton, but when he speaks, I cheer at he television. And clap. And scare my cats with my enthusiasm.

And right the fuck on that he overtly addressed all of the concerns about Obama and foreign policy and experience. Right the fuck on. And right the fuck on that he went after the republicans. (And yes, I know Kucinich went after the republicans, but Jesus, I'm from Cleveland and I know Kucinich is a nut-job. I love him, but Jesus. And he wasn't even slotted close to prime time. And that's kind of the point of the whole convention thing.) And Clinton mentioned Katrina!!!!! For god's fucking sake!!!! And he noted that Republicans called him out because he was "inexperienced" and too young, and connected that to what they've done to Obama! I've been waiting for this shit all convention long! Go, Slick Willy, go!

Go Dems!


Lesboprof said...

I am sooooo with you. I have almost forgiven him for South Carolina and his months of whining and bitching. I have forgiven Hillary Clinton.

Arbitrista said...

I missed it! Argh! And I can't find any decent video!

Maybe tomorrow.

k8 said...

The man knows how to give a speech. Right now I'm sorry I don't have a tv. I'll have to search it out online later.

And I'm surprised that any amount of enthusiasm could scare the ever-bouncy Mr. Stripey!

Dr. Crazy said...

K8 - the ever-bouncy Mr. Stripey is also totally freaked out by the phone ringing. Individually, he's all about being fascinated with the world. When the world surprises him, however, he's more chickenshit than the brother kitten whom he bullies (for the Man-Kitty is never daunted by noise or enthusiasm - typically, he looks on all such things with disdain).

StyleyGeek said...

My goodness that title comes across as rather pornographic to your non-US readers :)

(As did the film title "Free Willy" to those of us with unrestrained imaginations.)

But what with the "slick" adjective and the Clinton reference, all manner of images have been released upon my overactive mind.