Sunday, August 03, 2008

Shit! Shit!

I feel like he said he'd call me when he got on a plane! But maybe I made that up! Because he's now been on a plane and off of a plane and is driving toward the Lair of Crazy! And Crazy made the (bad) decision to talk on the phone to BFF for like an hour and a half (or a bit more) and to drink some wine instead of finishing with preparations (like showering and all that this entails)! Motherfucker!

The bed is made, and most things are done, but still! Still! And the call was dropped and so I don't want to get into the shower in case he calls back, except time is of the essence! Damn! Damn, damn damn!

Don't you just love my return to the blogosphere! It's all so serious and academic :)

To raise the tone a bit, let me just say that I read fancy-mentor's blurb for the book, and it's so great! She uses the words "prickly" (which is incredibly awesome if you know what I work on) as well as "scintillating" (which is just an awesome word any way you slice it).

But, to return to my actual life for a moment, fuck fuck FUCK!

Perhaps more wine is in order?


Nik said...

Yes. Drink some wine and spill some water on your hair. You'll look like you've been preparing all day. Which, since wine counts as prep work in my book, is true.

Jenny Davidson said...

Just make sure there is enough wine left to give him a hefty glass when he arrives...

Dr. Crazy said...

Ah, just showered, and I dried the front of my hair. (What with the bangs, this really is a good step to take.) Have just poured myself some wine, and in theory, the Interloping should be Interloping in approximately 15 minutes. I fear that I look fat, but well, not much to do about this right at the moment, so best not to worry over it.

Ok, make that five minutes.

Must go:)

Sisyphus said...

Heh! Glad to see you have returned to blogging in your usual inimitable style!

(prickly and scintillating ... mmm ... like artichokes made out of diamonds? like gold-plated thornbushes? mmm, a very interesting set of compliments there. I like it!)

k8 said...

I was going to suggest bathing in wine, but you are past that stage now.

Prickly sounds awesome! I strive towards prickly.

AcadeMama said...

During my 1st-year review in my current doctoral program, I was told that a summary of the faculty evaluations revealed that a few faculty members found me "prickly." I'm still trying to determine if this is a good thing.