Thursday, August 07, 2008

And So FB Shall Return

Apparently he'll be arriving "around dinner time." Now, I've known for a couple of days he'd likely be showing up here again today. What did I do today to prepare for his re-arrival? I watched Mad Men for approximately 7 hours. Yep, that's it.

I think maybe I have some sort of physical aversion to readying myself for FB. Like it's just impossible for me to do. Not that there was anything I *really* needed to do before he gets here.... am thinking it might be a good idea not to be wearing pajamas, though, and that showering would be appropriate. And maybe I'll vacuum. And if I'm going to cook dinner, which I kind of want to do, I might need to go to the grocery store to get stuff for salad, even though you know, I never make salad for just myself, so why should he get salad? Indeed, I don't think he should. And if he wants salad, I'll send him to the grocery store when he gets here. So there.

I'm hoping that the Man-Kitty is less of a freak, but I don't know. That's tough to predict, and there's nothing that I can actually do to facilitate that.

So anyway, who knows how long he's actually going to be here for - I'm thinking just like a day? He really sucks with the planning. It's kind of pathological. But then, this does help with my pathology of lying around like the Laziest Person in the World, so perhaps this is ok.

Alright. I'm really going to do some things now. Really.

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