Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RBOC: I Pissed Away My Fall Break Edition

  • Fall break... hmmm.... I seem to remember thinking that I was going to accomplish some things during this brief respite from my regular schedule.
  • I graded like 4 quizzes. And that's it, my friends. I'm kind of an idiot.
  • And I just remembered that I've got to go to an event on campus this afternoon, and then (after remembering to do this) I agreed to meet with a student directly after. This means I won't get home until like 6:15 at the earliest.
  • And I'm giving a test on Thursday that I've not written. Yep, I thought I was doing that over the break, too.
  • You'd think with all of what I didn't accomplish that I'd have some sort of exciting non-academic tales, but no, didn't do anything really non-academic either.
  • Oh, I suppose there was the visit with the parents thing. Ok, well, that was time well spent.
  • OH! And also there was the pseudo-break-up (that I feel like might not be taking properly, which means that time spent on that may be time wasted, though I suppose it's not really wasted time because there was self-reflection and all that, and that's a good thing, right?)
  • And my trip to the salon. Yes, that was something I accomplished over the break - a haircut.
  • I wish I had four more days to do all the crap I might have done over my break but didn't, though. That would be great.


TheSmartOne said...

That sounds way too familiar. :)

Belle said...

Your break was longer than my own non-productive fall break. When did fall break even get started? Anybody know the story behind it?

Sisyphus said...

Ah, but the hair was worth it all.