Monday, October 08, 2007

The Grading, It Goes...

And fairly swiftly, too. One batch of tests is done, and overall I'm pleased with how they did. The second batch is a bit shakier, but still fairly good. I'm probably going to bump the grades a bit when I'm done, as I may be being a bit too hard on them. I've still got a stack of papers to grade beyond this, but those don't need to be returned until Thursday at the earliest. From glancing through them, I may push back returning them until next week, as they do not look terribly promising, and I'm not sure that I can face them this week. We shall see.

Other than that, I have just two words for you: Go Tribe!!!

(What I will do with the Red Sox/Indians match-up I really have no idea. I suspect that it will be much like the playoffs in 1999, when I stupidly cheered no matter what happened, much to the dismay of my current and future boyfriends (don't ask), both Sox fans, with whom I watched the drama unfold.)

Update 10:45 PM: I have turned off the baseball, as I fear that by watching I am actually hurting my beloved Cleveland Indians. Yes, I know this is insane. But I feel that my interest may actually be helping the Yankees, which is so not a cool thing. No, no it isn't.

But the grading, it is done. Hurrah! And I didn't end up bumping up the second batch of tests, as I'm pretty happy with the distribution. So there we are.

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