Friday, October 12, 2007

Poetry Friday - Nikki Giovanni


I haven't written a poem in so long
I may have forgotten how
Unless writing a poem
Is like riding a bike
Or swimming upstream
Or loving you
It may be a habit that once aquired
Is never lost

But you say I'm foolish
Of course you love me
But being loved of course
Is not the same as being loved because
Or being loved despite
Or being loved

If you love me why
Do I feel so lonely
And why do I always wake up alone
And why am I practicing
Not having you to love
I never loved you that way

If being loved by you is accepting always
getting the worst
taking the least
hearing the excuse
And never being called when you say you will
Then it's a habit
Like smoking cigarettes
Or brushing my teeth when I awake
Something I do without
But something without
Which I could just as well do
Most habits occur
Because of laziness
We overdrink
Because our friends do
We overeat
Because our parents think
We need more flesh
On the bones
And perhaps my worst habit
Is overloving
And like most who live
To excess
I will be broken
In two
By my unwillingness
To control my feelings

But I sit writing
A poem
About my habits
Which while it's not
A great poem
Is mine
And some habits
Like smiling children
Or giving a seat to an old person
Should stay
If for no other reason
Than their civilizing

Which is the ultimate
I need
To acquire

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