Tuesday, October 16, 2007

But So Let's Talk about my Hair

Because, really, come on people! Hair is very important! So, I'm a little irritated because I can't seem to get a hold of my Hair Person to schedule an appointment. I tried on Friday, left a message, and she never called me back. And now I tried again, and again left a message. Does she not know how hard it has been for me to wait this long to make the appointment? Does she not know how much I need the boost of a salon visit?

I mean, sure, I know that she's pregnant and all, and so there may be a very good reason why she can't deal with my hair needs, and I certainly hope everything is ok. But dude! I want to get my hair done! (And I'm actually feeling kind of desperate, and if I don't hear back from her I may defect and go to some other person by week's end, even though I really love my Hair Person.)

But so. Part of the reason why I've been obsessing about my hair lately is because I've decided to grow it out. This is a bizarre decision for me to make, for I generally never make this decision. Sometimes the hair gets longer by accident (I'm busy, I'm in between Hair People, whatever), but rarely do I consciously decide to shepherd my hair through the growing-out process. But so, it's annoying. My hair is currently at that dumb length where it's not quite long enough to put in a pony-tail but not short enough to actually be short. Like it comes to my collar, about.

So I can't really get it cut-cut when I go in to have it done, not if I'm continuing with the growing out. So what is to be done? Because I need SOMETHING to happen with the hair that makes me feel like it's beautiful.

Well. The first thing is that I want to get heavier bangs than what I've currently got. Indeed, I think I found the haircut that I'm closest to transitioning into in the November Elle, which is Eleanor Friedberger's current haircut which is shorter than this one, but has a similar vibe. And then, there is the question of color. My hair is naturally a dark blond, and I've been doing a highlights thing for a while now. My thought, however, is that it might be interesting to go a shade or two darker than my natural color (which would then mean my hair actually matches my eyebrows, which are weirdly darker than my natural hair color). What is most annoying, though, is that all of this speculation is for NOTHING because I can't manage to make an APPOINTMENT with my stupid hair person. (One reason that this is a pain is that she changed salons in the summer, and the new salon is a pretty low-rent establishment without a receptionist, so making appointments is a hit or miss proposition at best and often means just leaving a message on an answering machine, or I just call my person's cell phone, but again, this also often just means leaving a message. I would not put up with this if I didn't love how she cuts my hair.)

Aw yeah, aw yeah! Appointment at 3 PM today, baby!!!!

But let me continue. I don't know, though, whether the Eleanor Friedberger Hair will work. So then I think that perhaps the answer is to do a version of the current Reese Witherspoon, only imagine if it stopped at just about an inch or two above necklace-length rather than being boob-length. (Obviously, the hair would continue growing, though probably I can't count on myself to make it much past collar-bone length). But still, I'm thinking darker for fall. I'm kind of sick of the blond, as much as it's great. Another thing is that my Hair Person said that she'd start a file for me last time I saw her with potential cut/color options, so there may even be options that I don't know about that await me.

What I'm saying here is that while some areas of my life are limited right now, my hair is a land of limitless opportunity and choice. Indeed, in terms of hair, the sky is the limit.

I must attempt to accomplish some things so as to deserve the afternoon hair appointment. All I want to do, however, is to fantasize about my hair.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Too funny! I'm getting my hair cut today, too (after similar troubles getting in touch with stylist).

Hope all goes well and it looks fabulous!

MaggieMay said...

I am a huge fan of the Reese Witherspoon cut. I can't do it (my hair is horrible), and I will be very jealous of you if you can.

Geeka said...

I cut bangs into my hair last night, which is really sad because I have spent the last 4 years growing them out, and I realized that I couldn't stand not having them.

My eyebrows are also freakishly darker than my hair. Eyebrows are dark, dark brown and horribly thick. Hair medium brown and thin. Why couldn't it have been the other way around?