Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dear Readers of Reassigned Time,
It has been quite some time since I, the Man-Kitty, have appeared on this blog. In truth, I prefer to maintain my privacy, in spite of the protestations of the person whom you know as Dr. Crazy. But friends, this kerfuffle, this hullabaloo, this outbreak of hysteria, it must stop. Don't you care about my homelife? My sanity? For I am a very important feline, and as the life partner of Dr. Crazy (in the sense that she has made a lifetime commitment to me, and I have agreed to love and cherish her in return for food and shelter) such stressful situations really do affect my daily routine, which includes napping, meowing, eating, napping some more, playing, napping, and then going to bed. Don't you understand that I am a cat? That I am not good with comforting humans, for I don't understand their barely developed emotions? And a stressed out Crazy, well, she becomes very... needy... and ... well, she may not be selfish, but I certainly am, and I don't need to be bothered with this nonsense. So I thought that I would make a rare appearance, which might prove both inspirational and distracting. This past summer, I turned three years old, which means that I am now approximately 25 in human years. It has been a rich, full life from the moment when I was rescued off the streets and then finally adopted by the generous and really quite charming Crazy. Can you imagine how tiny I was when I was rescued? Well, my foster mama sent Crazy some pictures recently that she had found on her hard drive. Here I am, eating happily, in my infancy.

Aren't I a darling wee lad? Indeed, I am. And I am no less darling today, for now, I am a glorious Man-Kitty. And as such, I say to you, "Can't we all just get along?" Or, barring that, can't people who are filled with impotent rage get their own blogs and work that stuff out there? And leave Dr. Crazy alone?

Yours truly,

The Man-Kitty


Geeka said...

My man-kitty, who looks like yours, but with short hair, is amazing at the emotional support. He knows when I am upset, and just hangs out with me.

This may have something to do with saving his life.

Fifi Bluestocking said...

All hail the wisdom of the Man-Kitty!

Sisyphus said...

Oooo it is the Man-Kitty! So cute then, so cute now!

Really, too cute to staple to the job application and have him help you get a job, as some of my commenters have suggested. But if you _did_, no one could resist him.

comebacknikki said...

awwww...what a cute photo of the baby Man-Kitty!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Dear Man-Kitty,

First, I'd like to commend you on the fabulous pose in the lower photo... the hind-leg up on the wall is fantastic.

Second, New Kitty is reading over my shoulder and would like to know if you are seeing anybody other than your human... She's a really pretty tabico who likes chasing fluff, snuggling in the sunlight and hunky man-kitties :).

Dr. Crazy said...

Dear Nameless New Kitty,
While I can't make any promises, you do sound very attractive. I'm game for seeing what happens!


(Ok, I've just shouldered the M-K away from the computer. New Kitty should know that he's really a cad and that he can't be trusted. I love him, but he is kind of a whore. In addition, let me say that he struck that pose in the photo without any prompting - I saw him doing that from across the room and knew that I had to capture it on film, but it was all of his own volition, and I did absolutely nothing to encourage or inspire it.)

life_of_a_fool said...

Oh my god, that's an adorable baby-kitty picture.

Kate said...

Man-Kitty, Flo and Cormac here. You keep on distracting the meanies from your source of food and litter box freshness and warmth on cold nights! That way they let you sidle over all night long and nearly get pushed off the bed in their sleep. Try it, it's fun.

Compson said...

Unfortunately, the haters rage on. Check out the posting on Rate Your Students.

Belle said...

Dearest Man-Kitty,
I so feel your irritation. My staff, aka Belle, is currently neglecting us horribly with her silly distractions and excessive wakefulness. She has, just this week, interrupted no fewer than 3 naps with her blithering. If the world would just back off and leave her alone, she could - with much work and patience - be properly trained.

That said, she is a sweet, if dim, human.

Kind regards,