Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crazy's Theory of Short Weeks Being Even Longer Than Regular Ones

I know. It makes no sense. We live in a stable space-time continuum, and so it should not be possible for a short week to take longer than a regular-length week. And yet, my friends, this is always how it feels to me.

Having to teach only Wed. through Friday should be a blessing, but instead I feel like the week is DRAGGING along and like I have to accomplish in 3 days what I'd normally have to do in 5. I think it's the way that "break" breaks into the rhythm of a week (which is another way of saying that I'm a really rigid person who doesn't like changes in her work-related day-to-day sort of routines).

But, as part of this being a longer week, might I just mention that one thing that this has meant is that I've had some really good chats with students, and one of my brand new favorite students (who is just so much cooler than I'll ever be or than I ever was, and who's really smart and engaged and awesome) is going to take my upper-level class with me next time? That means I've already got two who are sold on it, and priority registration has yet to begin! Hurrah! (I'm obsessing about the enrollment in this course because it's a pretty focused topic and the material will be difficult so I think many students may shy away.)

Ooh. And this gives me an idea for a post (or reminds me of an idea for a post) that I want to do! But I don't have time now. So there.

(By the way, you all will notice that I'm a scrooge and that I've not participated in the 5 presents meme, as much as I like receiving presents myself. I feel like a loser, but I just know that I'd fuck it up and I wouldn't end up sending out the five presents, or I'd end up getting people really lame and unthoughtful presents that they didn't even like. So yeah, I'm just not doing the meme. Maybe when I don't feel so totally overwhelmed with other crap I shall do a version of it, but for now, Crazy sends no stinking presents and nor does she receive them (frown).)


Maude Lebowski said...

dr. crazy,

i have offered absolution to all those who want blog gifties but do not/cannot reciprocate. so, gifts are still available to you, should you so desire. you can have a special "i'm-presenting-at-MLA-and-get-to-teach-super-cool-class" giftie. all your own. and all so you can participate.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

I'm not doing the gifty thing either, for pretty much the same reasons! Presents stress me out.

Belle said...

My short week wore me out. So no prezzies.

Dr. Curmudgeon said...

I actually have a corollary to your rule: long weekends are even shorter than the typical two day variety. The more days tacked on to my weekend, the less I'm going to get done. Count on it.