Monday, October 08, 2007

In Less Cranky News....

I heard from my editor and he sounded very pleased with what I sent him. So now it's just a matter of finishing things up for the final go-round. So even if I'm feeling frustrated in other areas, things with the book progress smoothly.

What does not progress smoothly is grading. Why? Well, because it's very difficult for grading to progress when you're procrastinating. Ah well, I've promised stuff back tomorrow, and they will get it back tomorrow if it takes me all night! This is my solemn vow! But first I might need a wee nap.... and then I'm going to dinner with BFF. I think starting around 8 PM sounds totally reasonable, no?

(And of course it's not reasonable, but that's what I'm doing in any case. So there.)


Nik said...

Right on that the editor liked your edits!!! Congrats.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Glad to hear your editor is pleased. A happy editor is what we all want, someday. Go get 'em!