Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Debut of Cleveland Rocks - The Drew Carey Show

Note the moment with the melons around 2:30. That would be the West Side Market, where Crazy did some time as a seller of vegetables. Go Tribe!


Meagan said...

(blogger seems to be eating my comments-- forgive me if this shows up more than once).

But--ooh-- the extended version.

This makes me miss the years I lived in Cleveland (and grew up in Akron).

Thanks for posting it!

voncookie said...

Thanks so much for posting this!!! I went to a college right outside of Cleveland in the mid '90s (I won't say where, but it rhymes with Holderlin) and this was great for reviving the old nostalgia. You rock!!!

MaggieMay said...

I *heart* the West Side Market :)

heu mihi said...

Hey, voncookie, you and I could be classmates!

Did you catch the episode of 30 Rock that features Cleveland? There's even a musical montage.

Second Line said...