Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back in the Boy-Crazy Saddle

Well. It looks like I've got a lunch date with the Businessman on Saturday, though nothing's been confirmed yet, as we seem to deal with our online dating nonsense at different times of day. In contrast, the emails fly fast and furious between The Computer Guy and me. I suspect that a date will be forthcoming. Can you imagine if I had two dates in one weekend? Of course, I suspect that these dates would be very different from one another.

The Businessman is just very... all business. I mean, I think we've exchanged only like 3 messages, and of those three, two of them have been date-planning type messages. I don't know a thing about him really, other than that he has this high-powered sort of job and he's from California originally, and I am not at all excited to meet him. Still, I'm not NOT excited, so I figure, why not?

The Computer Guy, on the other hand, well... he's a guy I've dated in many incarnations. This morning we've been trading emails in which he accuses me drinking Boone's Farm wine and Mad Dog 20/20 before school, and I deny it. For real. Chatting back and forth with him is not unlike chatting with my First Love from high school or the guys that I grew up with or the guys that were the fraternity brothers of First Love.... Yeah. The Computer Guy seems very familiar to me. And I suspect that if we went on a date it would involve Budweiser and shots and some very bad judgment of the variety that inspires cow-tipping. The thing is, though, the Computer Guy makes me smile and I think we'd have a kick-ass time if we went out. At any rate, we'll see if he makes a move. And in the meantime I'll continue to make plans with the Businessman.

Other than that, all is quiet in the land of eHarmony. I notice that things seem to quiet down at the week's end and then pick up around Sunday afternoon. I suppose that makes sense. I also am glad that this is the way of it, as I need a break by the end of the week from all of the questions and the requests for communication and everything.

Incidentally, you know that guy who said he didn't want somebody who was into playing games? He totally dumped me after I answered his questions. I think he could sense that I'm a game-player who's "looking for a man to make me happy." Call me crazy, but doesn't it make sense to want a person that you date to make you happy? (And yes, I know what he meant, but still.) What an ass that guy was.


missscarlet said...

Ah, Business Guy. In my experience, Business Guys are less exciting than Artsy Guys (I include humanities academics in this latter category) off the bat, but you will be gradually charmed by his real-world savvy, his matching catalogue furniture (it's comfy!) and the dinners at reasonable times in restaurants with table service. No more gyros at 3:00 AM for you, young lady!
I have high hopes for Business Guy, less for Computer Guy (sounds like a version of Artsy guy, especially the "familiar" part), and continue to be enraged by the dude who wasn't into "women who play games", which you totally knew was a red flag, if you read back. Good luck & keep us posted!

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh yes, Ms. S, Business Guy is who I SHOULD be going out with, but Computer Guy is who I know I'd have a blast with. It's a real problem.

Oh, and incidentally, I just broke one of my own cardinal rules and responded positively to a guy who's a grad student. (I'd decided that I'm done with the student population when I started this thing.) Why? Because he's good looking and 6'3." I'm totally shallow and I have no standards.

missscarlet said...

Grad student, eh? Now *that* date will deserve a full recap.

Kristiface said...

I would agree that you should take Business Guy a little more seriously... I think that Computer Guy would be fun for a few dates, but would get old real fast (as such guys always do). Good for you keeping an open mind-- but make sure you keep it open on the first date!!! ;)