Monday, March 20, 2006

My Hundredth Post - Is My Article Done?

No. No it isn't.

And thus, if I owe you an email or whatever, you shall have to wait until I have successfully thrown this monkey from my back. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

I choose, however, not to beat myself up about the fact that I'm behind, as really I am a dynamo, given all of my obligations and the demands of a job at my 4-4 load institution. (Let us for the moment ignore the fact that I currently have but three classes to teach.)

In fact, the Chemist really thinks that I'm pretty amazing. Now, of course I've presented myself in a very positive and productive light, and I've downplayed the time spent napping and chatting with my kitty-cat and various friends, both local and national, instead of doing the work that I desperately need to do, but here is his response to what I wrote to him about my job:

"Oh, you typically teach 4 classes? That's insane. How can you
keep track of all of your students and the papers? And do you have to meet
with each one personally? Then on top of that you're doing your own
independent work? And you want to date? Wow, I'm really impressed."

You know, I really do love when people are impressed with me even though I can't finish even the simplest tasks.

Happy Hundredth Post to me! Must go to gym and then force myself to finish the fucking article! Not happy!


Kate said...

How nice that the Chemist gets it about teaching (as opposed to experiences I've had where people don't understand that even one course can take up to 30 hours a week of work).

Happy 100th!

Cats & Dogma said...

Happy hundred!

Addy N. said...

Greetings! I just started reading your blog recently. I am also impressed that you can write/publish anything with a 4-4 teaching load! I teach a 3-2 load and feel overwhelmed, so I am definitely impressed. Do you teach large sections or are they typically smaller? Good luck with your article- I am on a zero-teaching pre-tenure research appointment this semester and trying to write two papers (see my blog for more: what an untenured college professor shouldn't be doing...)